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PCP1 2015 – Week 3: Cardinal Features and Effective Feedback

This is a photo of the outline of this week’s tutorial:

PCP1 Wk3 Outline

This are some examples of group brainstorming re principles of effective feedback:

PCP1 Wk3 Feedback Gp19 PCP1 Wk3 Feedback Gp9

PCP1 2015 – Week 2: Communication Skills

These are the board photographs from the first tutorial.

Photo 1: Introductory information


Photo 2: Discussion agenda


Photo 3: Putting the cardinal features framework into the context of a thorough medical interview


Photo 4: The ‘onion analogy’ for the medical interview and the ‘funnel approach’ to questioning styles within the medical interview


Photos 5 and 6: Group brainstorming re verbal and non-verbal listening skills

IMG_0455 IMG_0461