Lifelong Learning

As an inveterate learner, I often still take notes when I go to lectures and conferences – harking back to the ‘bad old days’ at university when there were no whiteboards, only blackboards, and most certainly no recording of lectures for later perusal. If you didn’t go to the lecture, you missed out, and the only way you could catch up was by scavenging notes from colleagues. ‘Death by Powerpoint’ was a fairly recent invention, and some lecturers still used either no slides (as in the aforementioned blackboard) or transparencies on a projector. So, you had to learn to take good notes and try to keep up!

In this ‘rolling post’ I will be sharing some of my notes from lectures and conferences. However, it is firstly my pleasure to provide some follow-up material from the Ormond College Community event in Semester 2, 2016, when Professor Jill Klein addressed the topic of “Let’s talk about failure: the psychology of success”.

The book referenced by Jill in her talk, Mindset: How You Can Fulfil Your Potential, by Carol Dweck, can be borrowed from the Ormond Library.

Jill and her father Gene also address the topic of survival in adverse circumstances, and have published a book and articles in ‘The Huffington Post’. Gene has a Facebook page (Gene Klein-Holocaust Survivor and a Huffington Post page (Gene Klein – Holocaust survivor, speaker, writer


Here are my notes from the visit of Professor Scott Shane to the Wade Institute at Ormond College in Semester 2, 2016: prof-scott-shane_entrepreneurship-2016.


Here are my notes from the Melbourne Brain Symposium at the University of Melbourne on Thursday 13 October 2016: melbourne-brain-symposium-2016.