Introducing this web site …

This web site is intended to be an eclectic collection of resources to support good health practices and lifelong learning. It will also explore some health-related issues that people can be reticent to talk about.

The site is organised into a series of pages, currently as follows:

  • Conferences – a list of up and coming conferences and educational events (some free, some not …);
  • Conjunctivitis – all you really wanted to know (or not!);
  • CSL Learning Resources – some notes and resources to support learning in the MD1 subject Case-Supported Learning;
  • Gastroenteritis – a perennial favourite – here is some practical information to help keep you safe;
  • Lifelong Learning – notes and information links related to recent educational events;
  • PCP1 Learning Resources – a small number of notes to support learning early in PCP1;
  • Podcasts – interesting podcasts on a variety of topics; and
  • Webinars – information on upcoming free webinars, and links to presentations and notes for past webinars.