Introducing this web site …

This web site is intended to be an eclectic collection of resources to support good health practices and lifelong learning. It will also explore some health-related issues that people can be reticent to talk about. In addition, it will look at various aspects of humanity’s quest to ‘reach for the stars’.

The site is organised into a series of pages, currently as follows:

  • Learning Resources:

    • Conferences – a list of up and coming conferences and educational events (some free, some not …);
    • Lifelong Learning – notes and information links related to recent educational events;
    • Podcasts – interesting podcasts on a variety of topics; and
    • Webinars – information on upcoming free webinars, and links to presentations and notes for past webinars;
  • Public Health Information:

    • Conjunctivitis – all you really wanted to know (or not!);
    • Disaster Health – news and announcements;
    • Gastroenteritis – a perennial favourite – here is some practical information to help keep you safe;
    • Gender Equality;
    • Glandular Fever – everything you wanted to know and more!; and
    • Health Services – information about Ambulance services and how to access local GP, specialist clinic and hospital services.
  • University of Melbourne MD1 Resources:

    • CSL Learning Resources – some notes and resources to support learning in the MD1 subject Case-Supported Learning; and
    • PCP1 Learning Resources – a small number of notes to support learning early in PCP1; and
  • Lost in Space:

    • Australian Space Agency; and
    • Space Medicine.

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